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About Us

Founded in 2010, Sacom is a technology company that works with governments of several countries, Banks, Broadcasters, Telecom Operators and eCommerce platforms to fulfil their requirements for Technology and Payment Solutions.

Sacom offers a variety of solutions in the Middle East, Africa & South Asia on e-Governance, Digital Transformation and Banking Financial Service and Insurance sectors. It works with most of the top multi-player online battle arena game publishers to enable top-up voucher sales and white labeled e-sports tournaments. Sacom also owns 11 content IPs in 20 languages. The company also has a proven track record of producing & distributing content globally.

As a leader in Technology and Project Consulting, Sacom continues to pave the way for digital transformation, empowering ministries and enterprises with cutting-edge solutions and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

The company has offices in Dubai, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Bangalore & Kathmandu.

  • Technology Solutions (Governments, Telecom Operators, Banks, Payment Wallets, Broadcasters)
  • Digital Transformation (e-Governance)
  • System Integration
  • Storefront
  • App Distribution & Monetisation
  • Voucher Distribution (Games, Apps, App stores, Gift cards, Subscriptions)
  • eSports Tournaments
  • In-app purchases
  • Game Centre
  • Content Licensing & Syndication
  • Original Content Creation
  • Content Solutions (Metadata Management, Archiving, Dubbing & Translations)


  • A2P, Voice Bandwidth
    Billing Platform
    Credit Scoring
    CDN Cache Fill
    Enterprise Cloud
    Airtime Credit
    5G OEM, Cloud, Towers
    Network Optimisation

  • Planning, Acquisition
    Contracting, Translation
    Subtitling, Metadata
    Thumbnails, Archiving

  • Carrier Billing
    OTT, Gaming Top Ups
    Gift Card, Dating app Top Ups

  • Audit,Layer 1-7
    CDN, Cloud
    Fraud Mitigation
    Communication & Engagement
    eKYC, Identity theft
    Data destruction

  • eGovernance
    Super app
    Payment Wallet

Partner with Us

We are dedicated to enabling superior user experiences by delivering future proof solutions.

Our experts are always working to understand how the technological evolution will cause a transformation in the telecom, content, gaming and payments industry. We work with some of the best global companies to solve complex problems that help us deliver future focused solutions that deliver personalized digital user experiences by enabling great content.


Telcos play a pivotal in enhancing every user’s experience in the digital universe by connecting them to Voice, Data, Entertainment, Applications and other Financial and tech products. We bring some of the finest Technology and content solutions to help enable telcos to build better user experiences and grow their ARPU


Tools and resources for billing, gift & top-up voucher solutions for  Wallets, eCommerce platforms and Apps to help improve their penetration, distribution and monetization in South Asia, Middle East and African markets. Our solutions allow the users with more digital products to choose from and purchase it on a platform of their choice

Content Platforms

We provide complete content licensing and management solutions for Broadcasters, OTT platforms and Telcos. Our content and technology experts can understand your requirements and help curate custom content solutions to enable seamless content planning, acquisition, deliveries that build great user experiences and engagements

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